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Oferta stypendialna Research Council of Lithuania

Składanie wniosków do 13 czerwca 2017

Proposals for Post-Doctoral Fellowships


Research Council of Lithuania, the main RTD project funding body in the country, on 14th of April, 2017 has launched the first call for proposals for project funding under the measure No 09.3.3-LMT-K-712 “Strengthening the Skills and Capacities of Public Sector Researchers for Engaging in High Level R&D Activities” activity “Promotion of Post-Doctoral Fellowships” of the Operational programme for the European Union funds’ investments in 2014–2020.
The purpose of the measure is to support post-doctoral fellowship studies, to enhance the scientific skills of young researchers through practical activities, exchange of scientific ideas, and promoting the setting-up and development of scientific communication and networking.
The budget of the call is up to 4 350 000, 00 Euros.
The eligible applicant is a university, state research institute of Lithuania holding the right to carry out the art or research doctoral studies and (or) state research institute educating researchers together with a university included into an open vocational information, counselling, and guidance system AIKOS. The postdoctoral research fellow may apply from all over the world and shall hold a doctoral degree awarded by a research and studies institution, provided no more than five years have lapsed from the doctoral degree award date until the deadline for submission of applications indicated in the call for proposals (the period does not include maternity leave, paternity or child raising leave until the child is three years of age), and engaged in the research activity provided in the project.
The maximum amount of project budget is up to 72 450, 00 Euros. The amount of eligible costs of the project is determined for each project individually and will be reimbursed according to unit costs and flat rates. The maximum funding intensity may exceed up to 100 % of all eligible costs.
The duration of a project shall be 24 months. In the course of the project implementation the postdoctoral research fellow must be enrolled and attend a fellowship programme at a foreign research or studies institution, a research centre, a laboratory, an enterprise, an institution, a library, an archive, an expedition, etc. at least for one month (may be divided into two parts at least for 15 days).
The call closes at 17:00 (local time) on 13th of June of 2017.
Procedure for application submission, information on applicants and call documents can be found at