Everything in its place – empowering local and regional communities. Warsaw, 27th–30th of June 2019

Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw together with School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University Bloomington (IU) are pleased to announce that the application for the 2019 conference

This is the second of three IU-sponsored conferences focusing on local community development in a globalized world (2018: Berlin, Germany; 2019: Warsaw, Poland; 2020: Bloomington, IN, USA).

The conference will take place at the University of Warsaw 27th–30th of June 2019, and its subject is inspired by a new academic field: strategic management of places. It argues that the economic performance of places matters just as much as firms, thus cities, regions, and states need to take responsibility for their performance by strategically managing what is happening in their place. It is emphasized that this includes not only policymakers but also businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, private residents, and others mandated and concerned with the economic performance of their place. The conference is a launching point for discussion on how different actors can influence the strategic management places process, with particular attention for Central and Eastern Europe countries capabilities.
Plenary speakers are: David Audretsch, Robert Kravchuk, Paweł Swianiewicz

1. Territorial marketing of European regions and cities
2. Government communication: Building of economic development territorial coalitions
3. Government communication: Engaging citizens
4. Government communication in the multi-level political system – a case of regional policy
5. European comparative research
6. Metropolitan governance
7. Territorial reform
8. Local public finance
9. Flood risk management and spatial planning
10. Ecosystem services: linking the human and the ecological perspectives

Abstract submission deadline: 15th of March
Acceptance of proposals: 31st of March

There is no conference fee.

Registration by booking form on http://wgsr.uw.edu.pl/empowering-communities

More information: http://wgsr.uw.edu.pl/empowering-communities
or please contact: conference2019.wgsr@uw.edu.pl

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