Stypendia na Uniwersytecie w Konstacji

Scholarships in the framework of „DAAD-Ostpartnerschaften” Programme at the University of Konstanz for the Academic Year 2019/2020

Call for Applications

Applications for the DAAS-Scholarships are open for researchers and students of all field and departments.

For students (Bachelor and Master) and PhD-students:

–          1-3 months

–          Scholarship amount:

BA: 750 Euro per month

MA: 850 Euro per month

PhD: 1.000 Euro per month

For researchers:


–       1 month scholarship

(shorter stay also possible)

–       Scholarship amount: 1.300 Euro



Required documents for the application:

–          Letter of motivation

–          CV

–          Study proposal (for students)

–          Transcript of Records or overview of all marks

–          A proof of German/English language skills

Required documents for the application:

–          Research plan

–          CV / publication list

–          Invitation/Confirmation letter from a contact person from Konstanz

(if already available)


Please submit your application till 30th April at the International Office at your University.