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1 Acta Geophysica 20 Somorowska Urszula Climate-driven changes to streamflow patterns in a groundwater-dominated catchment
2 Aeolian Research 30 Dłużewski Maciej

Woronko Dariusz

Sand-grain micromorphology used as a sediment-source indicator for Kharga Depression dunes (Western Desert, S Egypt)
3 Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 15 Zmarz Anna Rapid environmental changes in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region due to climate change and human activity
4 Atmospheric Pollution Research 20 Nelken Kinga Anna Study of the vertical variability of aerosol properties based on cable cars in-situ measurements
5 Atmospheric Pollution Research 20 Szwarczewski Piotr Evaluation of indoor/outdoor urban air pollution by magnetic, chemical and microscopic studies
6 BMC Infectious Diseases 30 Afelt Aneta Valine/isoleucine variants drive selective pressure in the VP1 sequence of EV-A71 enteroviruses
7 Cartography and Geographic Information Science 30 Karsznia Izabela Improving settlement selection for small-scale maps using data enrichment and machine learning
8 Catena 35 Rojan Elżbieta Snow avalanche activity in Żleb Żandarmerii in a time of climate change (Tatra Mts., Poland)
9 Catena 35 Greń Katarzyna Joanna Short-term changes in thickness and temperature of the active layer in summer in the Kaffiøyra region, NW Spitsbergen, Svalbard
10 Cities 35 Mantey Dorota The ‘publicness’ of suburban gathering places: The example of Podkowa Leśna (Warsaw urban region, Poland)
11 Computers Environment And Urban Systems 35 Zagajewski Bogdan Citizen science and WebGIS for outdoor advertisement visual pollution assessment
12 Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S-Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna S 15 Dłużewski Maciej Potencial use of alluvial groundwater for irrigation in arid zones- Mhamid Oasis (S Morocco)
13 Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S-Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna S 15 Zagajewski Bogdan The origin of heavy metals and radionuclides accumulated in the soil and biota samples collected in Svalbard, near Longyearbyen
14 European Journal of Remote Sensing 20 Zagajewski Bogdan Classification of Tundra Vegetation in the Krkonoše Mts. National Park Using APEX, AISA Dual and Sentinel-2A Data
15 European Journal of Remote Sensing 20 Raczko Edwin

Zagajewski Bogdan

Comparison of support vector machine, random forest and neural network classifiers for tree species classification on airborne hyperspectral APEX images
16 Forest Ecology and Management 45 Gerlée Alina

Sosnowska Agnieszka

Impacts of modern mechanised skidding on the natural and cultural heritage of the Polish Carpathian Mountains
17 Geomorphology 35 Dąbski Maciej

Karsznia Izabela

Zmarz Anna

UAV-based detection and spatial analyses of periglacial landforms on Demay Point (King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)
18 International Journal of Geographical Information Science 35 Gołębiowska Izabela For your eyes only? Evaluating a coordinated and multiple views tool with a map, a parallel coordinated plot and a table using an eye-tracking approach
19 International Journal of Remote Sensing 30 Jarocińska Anna

Marcinkowska-Ochtyra Adriana

Ochtyra Adrian

Zagajewski Bogdan

Subalpine and alpine vegetation classification based on hyperspectral APEX and simulated EnMAP images
20 International Journal of Remote Sensing 30 Zmarz Anna Exploring the feasibility of unmanned aerial vehicles and thermal imaging for ungulate surveys in forests – preliminary results
21 Journal Of Economic Policy Reform Łukomska Julita

Szmigiel-Rawska Katarzyna

Inter-local relations and trans-scaling through finance in Poland
22 Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 35 Zagajewski Bogdan Predicting the diurnal blue-sky albedo of soils using their laboratory reflectance spectra and roughness indices
23 Landscape and Urban Planning 40 Derek Marta

Kulczyk Sylwia

From intrinsic to service potential: An approach to assess tourism landscape potential
24 Local Government Studies 25 Gendźwiłł Adam How single-member districts are reinforcing local independents and strengthening mayors: on the electoral reform in Polish local government
25 Local Government Studies 25 Swianiewicz Paweł If territorial fragmentation is a problem, is amalgamation a solution? – Ten years later
26 Mountian Reserch and Development 20 Jarocińska Anna

Kycko Marlena

Ochtyra Adrian

Orłowska Karolina

Zagajewski Bogdan

Assessment of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Analyzing the Impact of Human Trampling on Alpine Swards
27 PLoS ONE 40 Rojan Elżbieta Nature’s patchwork: How water sources  and soil salinity determine the distribution and structure of halophytic  plant communities in arid environments of the Eastern Pamir
28 Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 15 Łaszewski Maksym Human Impact on Spatial Water Temperature Variability in Lowland Rivers: a Case Study from Central Poland
29 Professioanl Geographer 35 Mantey Dorota Social Consequences of Gated Communities: The Case of Suburban Warsaw
30 Remote Sensing 35 Zagajewski Bogdan

Raczko Edwin

Jarocińska Anna

Intraspecific Differences in Spectral Reflectance Curves as Indicators of Reduced Vitality in High-Arctic Plants
31 Renevable Energy 35 Nelken Kinga Anna Comparison of typical meteorological year and multi-year time series of solar conditions for Belsk, central Poland
32 Studia Socjologiczne 15 Gendźwiłł Adam Różne wybory, różne elektoraty? Specyfika uczestnictwa w wyborach lokalnych
33 Sustainability 20 Szumacher Iwona


Temporal Changes in Ecosystem Services in European Cities in the Continental Biogeographical Region in the Period from 1990–2012
34 Third World Quarterly 25 Solarz Marcin Wojciech The birth and development of the language of global development in light of trends in global population, international politics, economics and globalisation
35 Tourism Geographies 30 Derek Marta

Kulczyk Sylwia

Tourism in a nature-based destination: the human versus the ecological perspectives
 36  Transylvanian Review Of Administrative Sciences 15 Szmigiel-Rawska Katarzyna  The Rabbit and the Tortoise. Climate Change Policy Development on the Local Level in Norway and Poland
 37  Urban Affairs Review 35 Swianiewicz Paweł

Łukomska Julita

Is Small Beautiful? The Quasi-experimental Analysis of the Impact of Territorial Fragmentation on Costs in Polish Local Governments
38 Waste Management & Research 25 Krówczyńska Małgorzata

Wilk Ewa

Estimation of the amount of asbestos-cement roofing in Poland
39 Water and Environment Journal 20 Somorowska Urszula

Łaszewski Maksym

Human-influenced streamflow during extreme drought: identifying driving forces, modifiers, and impacts in an urbanized catchment in central Poland
40 Weather 20 Rucińska Dorota Analysis of physical factors of the windstorm Xaver in Poland: ­post-hazard review


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