T. 66.1, s. 47-61

Spatial layouts of the Josephine villages in Galicia

Układy przestrzenne wsi józefińskich w Galicji

Monika CEPIL
University of Łódź
Department of Political and Historical Geography and Regional Studies
e-mail: monika_cepil@wp.pl
ORCID: 0000-0003-2551-2566

Abstract: The main aim of the article is to analyse the spatial layouts of selected settlement areas of the Josephine villages on the territory of former Galicia. After a short introduction on the legal aspects of demarcating of new villages, the primary forms of settlements were studied. In the first part of the article, the analyzes covered the following layouts of settlement areas: one-sided linear villages, two-sided linear villages and street-green villages. In the further part of the article, multi-road layouts were presented, including two- street layouts, radially -p lanned layouts, lattice chessboard layouts and cross-shaped layouts. The comparative analysis covers the discussion of all available types of settlement areas. Street layouts turned out to be the dominant pattern of settlement areas. After in-depth analyses, it is impossible to determine the regionalization of the linear villages’ distribution, as they were located throughout Galicia. The situation is different with the location of multi-road layouts, which were designed only in Eastern Galicia in the vicinity of Lviv. In the implementation of the assumed research problem, cartographic materials and source documents in the form of the Josephinian Cadastre, the Franciscan Cadastre and the Galician Cadastre obtained during searches conducted at the National Archives in Krakow, State Archives in Przemyśl and the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv were used.

Key words: Josephine colonization, spatial layouts, village, settlement area, Galicia, historical geography

Zalecany sposób cytowania / Cite as: Cepil M., 2021, Spatial layouts of the Josephine villages in Galicia, Prace i Studia Geograficzne, 66.1, Wydział Geografii i Studiów Regionalnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa, 47-61, DOI: 10.48128/pisg/2021-66.1-04.

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Zaakceptowano: 12.05.2021

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