Miscellanea Geographica – Regional Studies on Development

The journal “Miscellanea Geographica – Regional Studies on Development” has been published by the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw since 1984.
The aim of the journal is to present the diversity of geography and to form a contemporary image of the subject as an interdisciplinary science. We therefore publish texts on physical, socio-economic and regional geography, as well as papers outlining research results from the fields of social studies, historical and political studies, regional studies and regional economics – from the local, regional and even the global perspective. MG-RSD is intended to be of particular interest to those conducting research into the contemporary problems of development – its natural, social and economic circumstances, as well as its effects. Research published in the journal covers issues of sustainable development, contemporary climate change, the spatial aspects of demographic processes (especially migration and urbanization), as well as modern methods of measuring and diagnosing these processes (geoinformation and remote sensing of the environment) in natural resources, social systems and the built environment, and relevant developments in geography in both developed and developing countries.
“Miscellanea Geographica” presents original and previously unpublished papers. The texts are subjected to double blind peer review by at least two independent reviewers.

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